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President’s Message

Mike Doak, President of The Henryetta Historical Society
Mike Doak
President, Henryetta Historical Society

Well, here we are with our annual membership drive starting April 1st, 2017. As you know we are an all volunteer force that is able to get many things accomplished due to your memberships, contributions and our great board. We have even won many awards, including our best newsletter in the state among all museums. Many companies when looking to come to a town want to know if a museum is present because they add to the educational and cultural activities of their employees. Many visitors come to town, from all over the world, just to see our museum.

Last year we were able to accomplish many things because of our members and donors. I would like to thank Lynn Prullage for seeing we got a new set of front steps and hand rails, built by Jimmy Potter. Also, thanks to Justin Gahm and John Greiner and several others for their donations for a new roof Richard Kramer’s crew added to the museum

Currently, thanks to contributions and the work of Brian Housley, we are getting our website and Facebook page, Henryetta Territorial Museum, functional again. Also, he is updating and installing our video cameras for better security. As you may know, vandals hit us a couple of times damaging our front porch. Our bathroom has recently received a new exhaust fan, wax seal and under-sink repair. If you would like to help us with our maintenance, let us know.

Let us Advertise For Your BusinessIf you are a business owner, let us advertise for you 24/7 worldwide, for less than a dollar a day. We also have an endowment fund we are building so we will have some revenue from it at a later date. Does your company match donations you make to nonprofit organizations like us? Have you thought about leaving a legacy by delegating a small portion of your life insurance to the historical society? These are just a few of the additional ways in which you can help the Historical Society stay solvent.

If you would like to get involved with the historical society we are constantly looking for volunteers. Currently we need someone to work with the tour bus companies to schedule tour buses to tour Henryetta. Every item that comes into the Historical Society has to have its history recorded. This is called accessioning and we need help in this area. Again I thank you for your memberships and donations that keep us going.

Mike Doak, President