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Free-Lancing Around HenryettaNancy Miller
by Nancy Miller
Henryetta Free-Lance
Friday, May 12, 2017

If you haven’t been dallying around amongst the pages of Facebook lately, this may perhaps come as a surprise to you.  Changes have come to the Henryetta Historical Society internet-related sites.

Thomas Hudson
Thomas Hudson

Thanks to Thomas Hudson, the Henryetta Territorial Museum Facebook page and website have become more consumer friendly.  The informative cyber space website has been upgraded and it is competitive in the internet dimension, accessible by cell phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.  You must give it a try!

Thomas Hudson has become deeply involved in discovering Henryetta historical facts and putting them online in a manner almost everyone can access.

He has designed a very unique and useful Facebook page which allows the user easy access to see what is happening within the walls of the Territorial Museum.  One by one he is listing each display and making it possible for the public to see everything from old Hardin photographs, antique items, displays of famous local people right up to date alongside the now infamous Walking Veteran Wagon, taken into the museum in January 2017.

Thomas, The Walking Veteran, has brought a breath of fresh air to the old one-room school as he is giving it the TLC it hasn’t had since Henryetta Historical Society founder Pauline Hudson passed away.

Thomas is an amazing man and wants everyone to know that he is not a “docent” but instead he is a “Museum Director”.  He does not babysit the museum and its’ inhabitants.  Right now he’s wondering where the line between “historical items” and just plain “old stuff” can be drawn.  We might be seeing some interesting things happening in the near future, especially since Thomas is working with those energetic Young Historians.

They are helping him clean things out, which hasn’t been done in several years.  I for one, am anxious to see their progress under the guidance of Thomas’ creative mind.