Just a volunteer?


President’s Message

Mike Doak, President of The Henryetta Historical Society
Mike Doak
President, Henryetta Historical Society

“Just a volunteer.” How many times have you heard that? Or even said it yourself? It’s a common enough attitude, even amongst people who should know better. But with the Henryetta Historical Society – you are not just a volunteer. And the Henryetta Historical Society is more than just another attempt to get together once a month. It’s an effort to preserve the past for tomorrow.

Traditionally, volunteers have been looked upon as ‘dogooders’. People who want to do good. People who want to make a difference in the world. But attitudes are slowly changing. No longer do volunteers get involved purely for altruism. And volunteers are realizing that personal satisfaction is just one of the many benefits they get from volunteering.

Here are a few reasons, people volunteer their most valuable commodity, their time:

To make a difference. Whether you’re pulling weeds from downtown curb cutouts or dropping off your old newspapers, volunteering reinforces the thought that you are making a noticeable difference in your community.

To experience diversity. Volunteering bridges a gap between people who wouldn’t normally come across each other in their daily lives.

To make friends. Volunteering offers an environment where you can be 100% yourself.

To open up new opportunities and challenges. Some of our volunteers are stuck in an office all week and taking part in one of our festivals gives them an opportunity to be outside and meet new people.

It’s fun. Henryetta Historical Society is a group of people who enjoy laughing and having a good time. Volunteering shows resourcefulness, initiation, teamwork, and a ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude. That’s what counts. So, whether you just want to help, make new friends, or build your confidence, volunteering can be the answer. Maybe you can’t commit to volunteer efforts on a weekly basis, but you can still help out. Henryetta Historical Society offers many rewarding opportunities.

The Henryetta Historical Society is currently seeking individuals who would like to help with such things as membership drives, oversee the maintenance of the Territorial Museum, help write grants, and catalog assessions.

No matter your expertise or interests, the Henryetta Historical Society has a place for you. To become involved, contact Mike Doak at 918 798-7918. or send an email to: volunteer@HenryettaMuseum.com