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Membership title: Business Platinum
Membership details:

One year Business Platinum membership to The Henryetta Territorial Museum
Membership benefits:
>10% discount for you and all of your employees (with proof of employment) for the Gift shop items located in the museum or purchased online at
>Complimentary subscription to "The Exchange" our Award Winning quarterly newsletter.
> Advertising your business with:
1. Banner 468 X 60 located on the front top page of
(1 year)
2. Banner 200 X 200 located on the front page and on different webpages and online
marketing including email newsletters.
3. Your own business web site that is given it's own individual web page located on /category/BusinessPartners. This is done by using
4. NEW--50% discount for a year business web hosting plan with VETERANHOST.


As a Platinum Member you will also have a 1 year listing plan with Discover Henryetta. (
Subscription for 1 year with full features enable.
> Featured listings
(Listings of this level will be marked as featured)
> Sticky listings
(always on top)
sticky listings are the highest level of featured listings
> Own single page
> Enable google map
(Custom markers on google map)
> Enable listing logo
> Up-load 10 images
> May have up to 4 videos
> 4 Locations number available
> Ratings tags
> Unlimited Categories available
> Description from Google Webmaster Tools Enabled

This is an awesome service and will give you more exposure. You do not have to sign up for this service but will be listed by the admin here. You do have to let us know that you want this service.

Membership price: USD 250
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