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The Walking Veteran, Thomas Hudson

January 28, 2017 was the big day for The Walking Veteran in Henryetta.  The city came out in style to welcome me back to a town that gave so much support for the Walk Across America.  A parade and a huge event in the civic center with the induction of The Walking Veteran Wagon in the Henryetta Territorial Museum.

The Henryetta High School Band was present along with The Mayor, Superintendent of Weleetka public schools, two congressional military liaisons, the president of the Henryetta Historical Society, various organizations and even some surprise visitors from out of state.

Since that amazing day the focus has changed.  It is about The Walking Veteran giving back to a community that gave so much.  It is also about recognizing the extraordinary people of Henryetta and especially the young people that greatly deserve special recognition.

We have seen remarkable changes with the Historical Society and the Territorial Museum.  New websites have been developed, data base in development, expanded museum hours seven days a week, changes in front office, birth of a new organization, Henryetta History Camp, a new weekly show, and the hosting of Veterans March 2017 in the civic center on Saturday

Henryetta History Camp begins Monday June 26th and will run thru Saturday.  The camp will feature craft class, drama, business administration, operating a museum, Henryetta History with field trips and the hosting of a special event for veterans and the public.  On Monday, the group will travel to the state capitol for a private meeting with Governor Mary Fallin.  They will also attend the governor’s press conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the state capitol.  A private tour of the capitol is being provided by the office of Senator Thompson.  Emily Stockholm and Leia Howton will be recording there for Thursday’s Emily & Leia Show.  Daniel Cox, The Jr. Walking Veteran, will be a part of the group representing Recognizing Goodness in Youth (

Leia is the president of the Young Historians of Henryetta and Emily is the vice president along with both co-hosting the Emily & Leia Show.  During the week, they will be interviewing the mayor, superintendent and special surprise guest.

To top the week off, Veterans March 2017 will be coming to the civic center in Henryetta.  The event will be hosted by the Young Historians of Henryetta and the Henryetta Historical Society.  Various organizations will be present with representatives from the VA Vet Center in Tulsa, VA Medical Center and the VA Regional office in Muskogee.  The event is for all veterans and the public with the focus of connecting veterans with the recourses that they deserve.  The Young Historians will be selling food and snacks with any profits to benefit the Young Historians of Henryetta.  Please come out and support our veterans and these amazing young people.

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