Need Your Help-Who Are These People

Can you identify these school administrators and teachers.  If so please leave a comment.  Thank You.

Henryetta Public Schools administrators and teachers.
Henryetta Public Schools administrators and teachers.
(L-R Front Row) 1. UNKNOWN, 2. UNKNOWN, 3. Georgia Huss, 4. UNKNOWN 5. Elizabeth Cameron. 6. UNKNOWN,
(L-R Second Row) 1. Marion Angu, 2. UNKNOWN, 3. Ardetta Huddart, 4. Gladys Bussey, 5. UNKNOWN, 6. UNKNOWN,
(L-R Third Row) 1. Derwood Clay, 2. Johnny Hart, 3. Dr EE Battles, Supt., 4. D.F. Myers, 5. Leoyd Powers,
(L-R Fourth Row) 1. Floyd Hubbard, 2. Tony Anderson, 3. UNKNOWN

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4 thoughts on “Need Your Help-Who Are These People

  1. I think that the tall lady in the front row is Gladys Bussey. She was my husbands aunt, I have only seen pictures of her at that age, but I think it is her.

  2. Back row, 2nd from left – Mr Hart
    Back row,2nd from right – Mr. Myers (Meyers?) He was a math teacher
    Yes, Durwood Clay, Marion Anglin and Georgia Huss as noted above.

    This must have been the early 1950s. Before my time, but I recognize a few.

  3. We are updating as information comes in. Each name that you have furnished can now be found by simply entering it into the search box. Does anyone have knowledge as to the year of this photo?
    Thank you all very muchg.

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