Where Did The Money Go?

Where is The Money? Henryetta Historical Society

Would you trust a board of directors, lead by Mike Doak,president who has shown little regard to the years of neglect for the first high school in Henryetta?

How does this damage effect the citizens of Henryetta?  The museum was placed upon city property in 1985.  Mary Warden’s  (who is the present Historical Society tresurer) husband was the mayor of Henryetta in 1985.  City goverments normally do not allow private interest to have a perment structures on city property.  The reason is about liability.

With the years of neglect to the museum structure the risk of someone being injury grows higher each day that the damage continues.  The museum is operated by a private corporation known as the Henryetta Historical Society and controled by a board of directors that the city has no authority over.  In the event that someone is injuryed by falling through the floor attorneys will include any and all parties connected with the injured party.  Just like if someone is hurt on your residental property your homeowner’s insurrance will most likey have to pay.  In the case of the museum being on city property whos insurance will have to pay?

Another issue that perhaps the citizens of Henryetta didn’t know is that every since 1985 the Historical Society does not pay for water to the musuem.  When the museum was placed on city property the water line was connected directly from city hall to the museum with no meter.  While citizens are paying high water bills the Historical Society, who has grossly neglected to maintain the museum in a safe and proper fashion, has been given a FREE ride.  This is the board that the tresurer, Mary Warden, is the cousin of Buck Sheward and Mike Doak (president) worked with Buck to obtain a petition for a seemly city audit which lead to water rates rising.  Who should be audited?

The present administration did not know about the secrets concerning the water but is now addressing the matter in an apporaite manner that is in the best interest of the citizens of Henryetta.

Together We Can Save The Museum. Henryetta Historical SocietyTHE DAMAGE DIDN’T HAPPEN OVER NIGHT

  • Where did the money go?
  • Where is the trust account?
  • Why is the president buying wortless artifacts from a known dug addict when they know that there is no money?
  • Why will the board not resign in the best interest of the Historical Society?

You will learn the answers soon.

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