Mike Doak frightens Young Historians with his conduct

Mike Doak causes anxiety for the Young Historians of Henryetta

August 13, 2017
Staff Writer

Mike Doak, President Henryetta Historical Society
Mike Doak, President
Henryetta Historical Society

Mike Doak had frighten Young Historians of Henryetta with his conduct towards Thomas Hudson, Musuem Director in the museum and with a teenager and another adult present. When he discovered that the camera was on and asked to give a statement he immediately became quite. Later he came back with the police. This has been shocking to these young people for they have accomplished so much at www.YoungHistoriansofHenryetta.com. In other upcoming videos you will learn of the condition that Mike Doak, president of the Henryetta Historical Society and the board of directors has put the museum in.

In the video you will hear Mike Doak address the title of director. The title was given to Thomas Hudson by Nancy Miller, Historical Society Board of Directors and confirmed by Mike Doak, President of the Historical Society. Regardless of the title Hudson was given complete autorization to operate the museum. However during the tenure many disturbing facts had been discovered and will be addressed in foregoing articles.