Mike Doak and Robbie Kinney Scam Eldery

Mike Doak and Robbie Kaye Kinney, a convicted felon

Many people have contacted the committee with disturbing information.  Mike Doak, president of the Henryetta Historical Society had moved his girlfriend, Robbie Kaye Stewart Kinney, a convicted felon, and her dad into a house of a women that died in 2016.

Family of Barbara Nadine Gilpatrick hurt.
Family of Barbara Nadine Gilpatrick hurt.

The house, located at 1122 5th St. in Henryetta belong to Barbara Nadine Gilpatrick who died September 22, 2016.  She is survived by two children, She is survived by two children, Dean Gilpatrick of Henryetta and Barbara Ann Gilpatrick Shadle of San Jose, CA.  Mike Doak was supposed to handle the affairs of Barbara Gilpatrick until her daughter could return from California.  Her son at the time of moving in was a wanted fugitive with a lengthy criminal history.  Doak and Kinney was in contact with him and gave him aid.  Doak had prevented other relatives from entering the property.

Family of Barbara Nadine Gilpatrick hurt.
Family of Barbara Nadine Gilpatrick hurt.

After he moved into the house with his girlfriend things became very disturbing for the family that trusted Doak.  An unnamed source who is disable and lured to Henryetta with the promise that she would be paid $20.00 an hour to work for the estate and operate the museum reported that Robbie Kaye Kinney, a convicted felon, has trashed the house and was stealing some expensive furs to fund her and Doak’s gambling habits.  Many prominent citizens of Henryetta has made comments that they have seen them at a casino spending thousands of dollars.  Robbie has no meaningful income and Doak has severe financial problems that he couldn’t afford to fix the air conditioner and hot water tank in his own home.

Several other elderly woman have contacted the committee with similar complaints about how Doak has scam them.  Early in 2017, Doak tried to convince the son of a disable veteran living in a nursing home to not let the nursing home know about the large amount received from five years back pay and allow Doak to invest it.  Someone had advised the son and he did the right think by informing the nursing home.  Doak’s scam would possibly be considered as fraud against the nursing home since they were entitled to the funds.

Mike Doak is a insurance representative for WoodmenLife Chapter 1218, located at 105 N 1st St, Henryetta, OK 74437 (918) 798-7918.  For those that have seen this business will know that it is a mess.  Who would even want to enter the business with mess that you can see from the windows.  Doak doesn’t sell insurance unless he can find an elderly woman to fall for his scheme.  He does do events in the community that is nothing but for show and using resources from the museum for private use.

On Flag day in June 2016 Doak went into the Territorial Museum and on the day of Flag Day and had the Young Historians of Henryetta to make and print programs for Flag Day sponsored by WoodmenLife.  The young people had also participated with little notice to make the event look like it had people their. 

This is a man and a felon, along with the board that has neglected the museum and has engaged into scams to fund their gambling lifestyle.

These people, when the truth comes out, has a history of distracting their own accountability and attack the ones who expose the situation and deliver the message.